What are the best sights to visit in New York?

New York is the world’s quintessential city. It needs no introduction, and the world is well acquainted with its multitude of sights, shops and streets. But, if you haven’t yet made it across the pond, or have an insatiable desire to return, here is a quick reminder of some of the many things that are simply unmissable. What’s more, if you’re flying from Gatwick and are looking to book one of the Gatwick hotels and Gatwick airport parking with Holiday Extras, your journey is sure to get off to a flying start.

First stop is the Empire State Building, where you’ll get astonishing views of Manhattan and the surrounding islands both day and night. See for miles by visiting in daylight, and watch the bright lights of the big city twinkle when you go after the sun has set. Next is the Statue of Liberty, the ultimate symbol of the American Dream. This iconic attraction sits upon Liberty Island and is accessible by ferry.

New York is home to a myriad of diverse art galleries, museums and theatres. Catch a show on Broadway or immerse yourself in culture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which houses over two million works. If that sounds a bit daunting, then there’s always the Museum of Modern Art, founded in 1929 and dedicated solely to contemporary art.

The best restaurants, markets and clubs are always sought out whilst you’re there. Every wannabe city-goer will have their favourite, and due to the sheer choice, culinary beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

After you’ve indulged in all that New York has to offer, take a walk around Central Park, then sit back and relax in one of its many restful spots. The Park can be an oasis of tranquility and simultaneously a people-watcher’s paradise.
There is so, so much to do in the Big Apple, and by no means should you find yourself restricted by travel guides. Who knows, you might find a hidden gem of your own?



  • Brandy

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