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Useful Information About Harris Vacations

Is your family considering taking a short break in the United Kingdom of Great Britain? While virtually all people having a U.K. vacation decide to stay in well known places such as London, other folk would rather stay in places such as Scotland. In the following article I introduce the Isle of Harris and the factors which make it such a great destination for vacations.

Though London might have some of the most highly interesting museums and galleries in Great Britain  and some of the most well known attractions  the capital city can not appeal to all types.

Some folk have a preference for vacations which are less hectic and other visitors prefer vacations which involve a little more action such as sporting vacations. Strangely the Isle of Harris, in Scotland’s Western Isles (or Outer Hebrides), is superb for both types of tourist.

Similar to a great many others Sun bathing on the beach for the whole of my vacation isn’t my idea of the perfect vacation. Please do not get the wrong idea, my family and I often spend time on sunny beaches, and Harris definitely is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Scotland (and Britain), but, I also like to visit other places on my vacation. I really like to spend time just soaking in the atmosphere of the place, I really like to indulge in the local foods and sampling the culture. If the truth is to be known I simply enjoy visiting new places each year and I try very hard attempting to discover somewhere 100% different. This is the most probable reason why I so thoroughly enjoy visits to the Hebridean island known as the Isle of Harris and why I regularly choose to book a self catering house on Harris.

One of the most common factors in attracting visitors to the Isle of Harris is to enjoy the the landscape and the culture of the Isles. The Isle of Harris culture has, over hundreds of years been powerfully influenced by the Scottish, English, Norse and Celtic races. Today in general most folk speak in the Gaelic language and though many talk in English, it is commonly their 2nd language. The Harris people are amongst the most friendly on the planet and their hospitality is extremely well known. The people of Harris are very proud of the awesome beauty of the island and go to some length to keep the place tidy and clean so it is crucially important clean up after yourself.

It is incredibly important that you remember that discarded litter doesn’t just make the place look untidy it is also highly dangerous to wild animals.

A further point to Keep in mind is that the Harris roads are not the same as elsewhere in the United Kingdom you commonly come across stretches of single track road and you will have to know how to use passing places to allow traffic to pass from ahead and behind. Just keep it in mind that you stop on the left hand side of the road. But, If it is a very big vehicle wishing to get past and the passing place is on your right you can tuck yourself into it to let the big vehicle pass easily but be careful not to drive off the edge of the road too much.

I hope that my above article interests you sufficiently in taking a vacation on Harris. Many people the Outer Hebrides decide to stay in two locations. There are a number of other islands to visit including Lewis, North and South Uist. Why not consider staying in a self catering house on Harris for a week and then stay in a room in a hotel on North Uist or a hotel on South Uist for the remainder of your vacation?

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