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Where to go in the Philippines this December?

I’m going to the Phillipines this December all by myself. I’m flying into manila in the first week of December.

I know nothing about the island and was wondering where to go and what to see.

Would getting to boracay be easy in this time or is there any beautiful beaches near Metro Manila? Im not a hardcore backpacker by the way:)

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2010 Christmas Holiday Deals

Hello my name is Moses Harawa and I am based in the Republic of Ireland and I would like to come to the Philippines for a 21 day Christmas Holiday from December 16, 2010.

Please get back to me as soon as you can I want to see the current available deals that you can offer this year and I hope to hear good news from you soon.

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Is it safe to travel to the Philippines during elections?

I’ll be visiting my relatives in the Philippines this month and I learned that its election in the mid of the month.

Im a little bit worried coz its my first time to visit the country and I heard theres a lot of election related violence in the country.

Would you recommend to travel and visit the Philippines this month or should I just postponed it?

many thanks,

Luisa Geoff from UK

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Is it really safe to travel to Manila Philippines?

I’ve been planning to visit Manila Philippines since last year since my dad keeps on telling me to visit the country.

My mom is based in the Philippines and I havent seen her since I was 7 years old- my mom and dad never got married.

Im now 35 and I want to find my Mom who is now somewhere in Samapaloc in Manila.

Ive been reading negative US travel advisories left and right telling that its not safe to visit the Philippines thats why Im having second thoughts.

Should I travel to the Philippines?


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