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Where to buy Cool Electronic Gizmos online

Though electronic gadgets and devices been around for quite some time, the past few years have seen a wonderful upsurge in their popularity.All thanks to the increased technical advancements, there are some very cool electronic devices and gadgets and gizmos available in the market. Here is a look at some of the most up to date ones.

Though there are countless gizmos in the market, it’s the widescreen mp4 player watch that tops the list. For folks that love listening to their favorite music even if on a busy timetable,this device is the perfect option to attest for. As the name implies,this widget is largely a music player in the form of a wrist watch.Ideally, a mp4 player watch offers 1GB memory which is sufficient to store all your favorite music. To add on, it comes with some actually cool features like built in FM radio, built in speaker, 1.8 in.TFT screen and the like.

Mini lighter camera spy widget is another must have featured on the list of gizmos.If you want to truly live the James Bond lifestyle,this one here is required. It’s a spy camera made to look like a cigarette lighter. You employ it like any standard fag lighter but, rather than the light it will click an image.The device is very pocketable and built with good quality. It can store as many as 100 different photos before memory fills up. Read the full story

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