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United States RV Travel Trends by Time of Year

Some of the Clear Travel Trends
In the cold season you have the travelers who desire to get away the bitter cold and icy weather, some journey to the better climates such as California, Texas and Florida are among the favorites. In the warner seaons RV travel expands over the US United States~country} with so many popular spots.

In Arizona, there is Yuma, Quartzsite, and Phoenix, where someone will find lots of RVers enjoying the warm days and cool evenings. This part of the United States encourages many to stay for the the winter due to the climate and all the activities that is there for people to make a part of their daily activities. Seasonal employment can also be be found in plentiful quantity.

Florida is also at the top of the list for many RVers for the winter season. The weather, though very high in moisture is warm and there are many activities around this region as well. The reservation rates are much higher as the other “Winter” states are but this too can be alleviated with working or volunteering at them. The wide selection of sight seeing adventures in Florida can keep you busy while visiting for many months. You can find activities to do utilizing  points of interest directories located on the web.

An additional popular venue for wintering is in Texas. The weather is also ideal during the colder season but there are areas that receive a lot of moisture and are colder than other above mentioned regions but it is still a hot spot for spending the colder season. The activities here are endless as well since there are many ranches to hang out at or even stay on the Gulf of Mexico for a good location. Read the full story

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