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What is the cheapest hotel or resort in Puerto Galera Philippines?

please give me tips on how i can go to galera the easy and cheap way… step by step… (im so demanding hehe)

i am not familiar with the island. can i get a hotel there without making any reservation?

I wish you can also recommend a nice place to stay in Puerto Galera.

And I hope this will be affordable but with nice ambiance and not so crowded.

I heard about encenada beach resort but I think its a bit expensive

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How to get to Puerto Galera and how much will it cost for a 3days 2nights trip?

Good day Pinoy Travelers.

Our team is planning to go to Puerto Galera this month, can anyone tell me how to get there from Manila, and the details of how much will it cost all in all for 3 days and two nights?

Do u know any nice cheap beach resorts there?

Please give me an estimate on how much is the cheapest way to get there and what to expect during the travel.

I also need details on Batangas Pier. I’m thinking on going to the white beach part of Puerto Galera. Answers are much appreciated. Thank you.

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