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Can anyone share their experience in Wensha Spa?

I havent tried Wensha Spa yet and my Aunt gave me several gift certificates.

Im planning to visit Manila to experience it but Is it really worth it?

Im currently based here in Davao and I dont want to waste my visit in Manila coz Ill just be there for two days so I really want to maximize my visit.

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Do you know any Good Spa in Metro Manila without extra services?

Do you know any good spa in Metro Manila area?

Hi! My friends and I are thinking to pamper ourselves this weekend by having a massage in manila.

This is our first time, so I want it to be special and without extra sexy services.

we want to have, hair spa, mani/pedi, foot spa, and also body scrub.

Do you guys know where to do this stuffs? We want it to be in a comfy place, and also we don’t want it to be super expensive.

Do you know any good spas here in Metro Manila area?

I dont want to end up being offered with extra service by a masseur:(

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