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A Short Guide to Cornwall’s History

Cornwall is located towards the bottom of the British peninsula. The Atlantic ocean borders it to the west and north, to the English Channel’s south, and east of Devon county, and Truro is its exclusive town.

Bronze Age and Neolithic people were the first inhabitants of the region currently called Cornwall, and in the Celts in the Iron Age. Cornwall is located within the UK’s Brythonic Celtic region.

The Cornish men and women and the Danish were both involved in battle along with the people in Wessex, and there’s some signs to indicate that Wessex started to establish itself in some of Cornwall’s Eastern areas.

Regardless of this, though, the naming in Cornwall of together people and places didn’t conform more toward those of Wessex until many years later. This leads some people to think that the two continued to be separate for considerably longer than some historians think.

 Cornwall certainly has a rich and lively history, like much of England. There are always new things to discover about it, even if the history remains without definite proof. Read the full story

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