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Camping Gears and Tent for rent in Manila

I will be having a camping trip with my girlfriend and her friends in Pundakit Zambales Anawangin Cove.

My old camping tent and gears are already unusable due to wear and tear.

Is there any place or company where I can rent a tent and other camping gears?

I find it too expensive if I buy a new set since I will be using it just for this Anawangin Cove Trip.

Thanks for the Help

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Can anyone tell me how to get to Anawangin Cove, Pundakit from Manila?

My friends and I are planning to visit Anawangin Cove located in Zambales this summer.. can anyone tell me how to get there? is it better to trek or to take a boat ride? directions will be very much appreciated too.. we’ll be coming from Manila… please help.. anyone….

Angie Lam

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  • how to go to anawangin from manila
  • How to get from manila to anawagin

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