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Selecting A Miami Beach Vacation Rental? Heres Where To Start Once You Get There

Miami is the place to be in Florida if you’re looking for a vacation hot spot. It’s hot in more ways than one, because Florida’s year-round tropical climate means that any season is the right season to visit Miami and enjoy the warm weather.

South Beach is one of the main attractions in the Miami area as it offers one of the most beautiful clear blue water beaches Florida has to offer as well as hundreds of hotels, nightclubs, restaurants and boutiques. During spring break you will find South beach packed with college students from all over the world, taking in the sun as well as the abundance of exciting night life.

Keep your eyes open as you will most likely see quite a few celebrities walking the streets of South Beach such as Will Smith or even Madonna.

In addition to the exciting nightlife and beautiful beaches, Miami offers its visitors an array of cultural activities to enjoy. For those tourists interested in Miami’s history and how it’s become the major city it is now, The Historical Museum of Southern Florida is the place to visit.

Your kids will be more interested in the Miami Children’s Museum, where they can play with interactive exhibits which will coincidentally teach them about the wonders of everyday life.

For a worthwhile outdoor attraction to fill in a day, you might want to visit the Miami MetroZoo. This zoo is quickly becoming one of the most popular zoos in the county which is due to the fact that the tropical climate allows the zoo to be home to animals from such places as Asia, Africa and Australia which is something no other zoo in the country can do.

This zoo is unique for another reason also, because it provides natural environments in which its animals can live together harmoniously with no cages to restrict them. To separate animals who typically don’t co-habitate well, there is a water barrier that keeps them apart.

For those interested in sea life, the Miami Seaquarium can’t be missed. Fascinating shows featuring killer whales and dolphins is a highlight of this tourist attraction.

Don’t forget to check out the exhibits that they have where you can see the famous Florida Manatees, sea lions, seals and even sea turtles in their natural habitat swimming in all their glory.

Miami is a great place to spend your vacation all year round. Traveling during the winter season is the best option as there will be less vacationers than there would be during the warmer times of year.

Traveling during the less popular times of the year, will allow you to save money as hotels and other places of interest will typically reduce their prices in order to attract more customers. No matter whether your traveling with the family or you are planning a romantic getaway, Miami has all you need to make your vacation a success.

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