Save on Hotels by Planning Ahead

Wherever you decide to stay on this round, round world of ours, you can save yourself a bundle of money and still stay in places with style!

By reserving rooms online with sites such as, you can bid on rooms and get a price far below the rack rate.

Hotels that might run above £200 at the last minute could be reserved for half that. You can go to San Francisco or Singapore, Istanbul or Paris, it doesn’t matter. Plan your trip and do it for less.

If you’re flying, it’s also always best to book at least three weeks in advance. Airlines will jack up their prices in the last days before the date you want to travel because they know their planes will be filling up and there’s always some sucker who will pay top prices for their seat. Well don’t be that sucker! Buy in advance, but not too far.

Wait for deals to open up about six to three weeks before you take off. This will give you a good window of opportunity to stretch your pound the furthest.

If you fly frequently, consider signing up for frequent flyer miles! Airlines will reward regular costumers with discounts that include free flights if you use their service often enough. If you have the airlines’ special credit card, you can even earning miles with everyday purchases. You may not want to carry too much cash around anyway and you can earn a lot of free travel without even noticing it. A few pounds here and a few pounds there and pretty soon we’re talking real money. Who knows? With enough points and miles and you may even be able to go to someplace you’ve only ever dreamt of, like Easter Island. You’ll be the envy of all your friends!

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