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Information on Banbury Oxfordshire

Banbury a market town in Oxfordshire, England is only about 65 or so miles northwest of London and is additionally fairly near to other larges cities like Birmingham and Coventry. It consists of a population of over 45,000 within the bigger city area that is regarded as part of the town itself. Although the bordering area is mostly countryside the town is an important retail and business oriented centre.

Much regarding the key industry of the town involves the production of automobile components, electrical goods, printing processes and also plastics, among others. Additionally it is home to the world’s biggest coffee processing plant, that was constructed in 1964. In addition, it is hosting for the last decade as festival featuring mock animals and known as the “Banbury Hobby Horse Festival.”

It’s considered that Banbury has hosted a human being existence going back to at least 200 B. C. Though it really begun to take shape during the Anglo-Saxon time. Danish influences ran strong through the area, from the second half of the fifth century. It’s name comes from a combined”Banna” (the name of a Saxon chief) and burgh, or settlement.

Banbury shows up within the Domesday Book, the Norman property study performed by order of William I (“The Conqueror”), the first Norman king. At that time, it had been written down as “Banesberie.” The Saxons are generally accountable for it’s spot, building as they did on the western bank of the Cherwell River. The well-known Banbury Castle was constructed in 1135, though no trace of it now exists.

Over the 100′s of years since, Banbury has developed bit by bit and steadily and it reaped the benefit from the constructing of the Oxford Canal, which runs through the town. This waterway goes an overall total of 78 miles and also was primarily constructed in order to link Oxford with Coventry. It’s also a way to connect to the River Thames and, therefore, to London itself.

Oxfordshire, the particular southeastern England county where Banbury sits, currently includes a human population of approximately 642,000 people. The principle city of the county is Oxford, which is also host to University of Oxford, the world’s surviving English-speaking college, first started in 1096. Nowadays, it’s also a center of business, which include a few significant motorsports companies plus the Oxford University Press.

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