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If you appreciate nature The Blue Mountains is for you

The Blue Mountains region is beautiful area with a unique set of attractions. The park is just two hours from Sydney but it feels like a world away. Excellent infrastructure means that the park is accessible to everyone but also has large areas of wilderness for the more adventurous. There is also a lot of Blue Mountains accommodation providing a variety of holiday experiences.

The Blue Mountains World Heritage listed park is a paradise for nature lovers. It features dramatic escarpments, waterfalls, wildlife, rainforest, heath lands, tall forest, canyons and more. There are plenty of opportunities to get out and see the wilderness on foot with many miles of trails and also plenty of guides if you want to go bushwalking. If you want to enjoy the scenery but are not a hiker there is also a driving tour. This will take you throughout the park on good quality roads with viewing platforms so you can take in the breathtaking views. Along the roads there are places where you can get off the main road and into the wilds in your car.

There is something to cater for all tastes in the area. For sightseers there are many picturesque small towns and villages with tea shops and interesting features. There is also a cable car which swoops over one of the best known valleys giving wonderful views through the glass bottomed carriages. The famous zig zag railway is a very popular attraction. If you like music there is a cave in which concerts are held. For historians there are lots of local museums, caves with aboriginal art and a special cinema which shows a film about the area. Throughout the area the arts scene is flourishing and there are a variety of galleries with crafts and art for sale.

For the adventurous the area is something of a playground. The list of possible activities includes; horse riding, climbing, canyoning, abseiling, mountain biking and adventure caving. There are a number of tour companies specializing in adventure pursuits who can cater to the beginner and the adrenalin junkie.

There are so many beautiful areas and attractions in this vast national park that choosing a place to stay is no easy task. Of course you can move around and stay in several places to cut down on daily travelling and widen your experience. There are a number of travel agencies operating in the area so you could book an all inclusive tour and have the benefit of a guide. They run adventure tours in 4x4s and bespoke tours with private transport. The park also has some bus services. They run all over the area and you can get on and off them anywhere.

If you like to dine out then the area has some top restaurants. There is plenty of different self catering accommodation in cabins, cottages and caravans. There are also a number of well appointed resorts with top class facilities. If you want a really peaceful place to stay but with modern conveniences there are country clubs and spa retreats. There is accommodation in all price ranges from five stars to budget.

There is plenty of information on the internet so that you can plan exactly where you want to go and fit in the things you want to see. You can also reserve your preferred accommodation.

There are many small town offering accommodation in the Blue Mountains, Katoomba is the largest and most central. You will find a good range of Katoomba accommodation available for all budgets and tastes. The area is easy to access once you are there and even before, via the internet.

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