How You Can Keep In Touch With Family At Home While Traveling

If you are going to Europe  and need a cell that works over there so you can keep in touch with people back at home , You could go and get a sim card from a local store in the country your visiting , but be aware if you’re traveling from country to country or even region to region The cell could stop working .  Also be aware of the prices a sim card can cost you . Sometimes you may be stung by a very large bill.

Samsung Mobile Phone
Samsung Mobile Phone

Another option is to rent a phone but this can be very pricey because rental is well known to cost  and then calls on top can be very deceiving when first buying the phone. A smarter option would be buying call cards to use with your phone, but if your phone is not up with the technology of Europe or has no signal because the network is not compatible this is useless.

A great option is using a Cell Phone For Europe, especially made for UK, Italy or anywhere in Europe. There are plenty of cell phones like this available like Call In Europe, and EuroBuzz, advertised in the video above. EuroBuzz strikes me as the better deal because of it’s simple payment plan. You simply buy the phone for $49, and then every call is just 79c a minute, anywhere in Europe.

 It is also guaranteed to work anywhere in Europe because they have a deal with the European Networks that the phone picks the strongest signal. So at some points you will have a better signal than the locals!

It’s a great option for someone traveling to Europe that doesn’t want to be scared by a nasty bill at the end. 79c per minute for every call is really easy to understand in my opinion and even though you can get cheaper calls for some places and cheaper phones at others, I’m a big believer in simplicity.



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