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Don’t Fatigue – Get a room!

In October last year, my better half and I departed Turkey to travel back to Australia.  We were dreading the long flight from Istanbul to Singapore via Dubai succeeded by ten hours of patiently waiting at Changi Airport for our connecting flight.  We were discussing this with a fellow traveler when we discovered a little known service which made our journey so much more comfortable.  Let me tell you what occurred…

Changi Airport terminal must undoubtedly be considered one of the most amazing international airports.  There are so many activities to occupy your time while you are waiting for your flight time ..  Ok, i’ll explain how my partner and I exploited our 10 hours at the airport.

We arrived weary and went straight to the Transit Hotel.  This really is unlike any other conventional we have encountered in the past.  The advertised charges were charged hourly so we decided to purchase a room for eight hours.  We requested  a wake-up call and made our way to the room.

The room was the same as any hotel living room really.  In our situation we received a queen size bed with ensuite restroom that had a shower area, toilet and basin.  Every little thing was extremely spotless and neat.  The one noteworthy differentiation to most rooms was the windows.  There wasn’t a window.  There were curtains covering what appeared to be a window but when you drew them apart all that was hiding behind was the wall.  So we shut them, had a shower and dived into a very comfortable bed.

Seven and one half hours later on our wake-up telephone call rang and we awoke, made a cup of tea and booked out.

With 2 hours to wait and feeling fresh and alive again, we made the decision to eat at one of the numerous places to eat.  The meal was outstanding and the service great.

After having eaten, we walked to the butterfly enclosure.  This is an incredible display at the top level of the building which consists of a two level garden space with exotic plant life and many of butterflies of all forms, dimensions and patterns.  An incredible arena and one a person would be expecting to find at a zoo rather than an airport.  Before long the heat and himidity made us return to the flight terminal.

Then I located the picture theatre and we were were in luck.  The movie was just starting.  Consequently we enjoyed for a little longer than 1 hour.  So enjoyable!

Despite having subsequently discovering the many other interesting showcases at the airport, it was time to leave.  we were about to begin our journey for Australia.

Extensive travel can be quite taxing, especially as you age.  The last thing you really want to do is sit around an airport terminal for a long time waiting for connecting flights.  Congratulations to Changi airport for making it a great deal easier.  We had been so impressed that we would certainly not hesistate to recommend it to someone else who finds themselves in similar predicaments to ourselves.

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