Disneyland, Beaches And Numerous Condo Rentals

California is one of the great tourist hotspots in the United States. From the snowcapped peaks of the Sierra Nevada to the sun saturated seashores of the Pacific Coast, California is perhaps the most varied state in the union, with something to offer everyone. But one of California’s points of interest pulls in more people than any other from all over the country and around the world and that attraction is Disneyland.

Disneyland opened in Anaheim, California in 1956 as a small theme park with only 16 rides and a single hotel. Since that occasion, Disneyland has blossomed and continued to bring about visitors of all ages to sunny southern California. Today, Disneyland includes Disney’s California Adventure, Downtown Disney, and a third hotel dubbed Disney’s Grand Californian.

There are a number of seasonal considerations while planning your vacation to Southern California, and principally when it comes to Disneyland. Disney is least busy in the winter months, and particularly in January and February. If you can make it to the park on a weekday through these months, you will almost certainly not even have to remain in line.

Sorry to say, these months also embody the rainy season in California, which might cause trouble. Since there are less guests, the park frequently employs this time to restore rides and to perform basic preservation, so you may come across some rides are inaccessible.  In addition, the park is open for fewer hours for the duration of these months.

The busiest times are during school national holidays or three day weekends. The majority of the summer months, even with the probable high temperature, are the busiest period, with long waits and an overabundance of people. The park is open for extended hours, however, and there will likely be no repair work in progress on any of the rides.

Anaheim, the birthplace of Disneyland, is itself situated in a tourist vacation spot, as it is part of the larger Los Angeles metroplex. World class beaches, shopping, dining, and anything else you can think of are a short drive. Anaheim has variousCalifornia Disney Rentals to pick from.  You can either lodge inside the Disney park or outside the park.

Among the most well-liked tourist destinations near Anaheim in the greater Los Angeles area are the beaches. There are more than a thousand miles of California beaches, and many of the greatest and most easily reached are in the south. These beaches match the likeness of the classic Hollywood motion picture image of a California beach, with white sand and brilliant sun and amazingLos Angeles area vacation rentals.

Tourists in the area should certainly pay a visit to Malibu. This metropolis is an hour away from Disneyland (without traffic) and maintains 27 miles of shoreline. The immaculate Pacific beach is frequented by movie stars and the Los Angeles elite, and the calm waters of Paradise Cove are perfect for people with young children.

Laguna Beach, approximately half an hour from Anaheim, is the home of 7 miles of shore populated by the tan and toned characters you might imagine in this part of the world, strolling the sand and the palm-lined streets.

Disneyland in southern California is a splendid family trip, as is Anaheim and it’s surrounding cities.  Balmy weather and sunshine attract you to the beaches, the shopping and the dining draw you into the surrounding cities.  Southern California is genuinely a vacation filled with fun, family and frolic.



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