Destin, Florida Has Brilliant Fishing

Destin is a charming city on Floridas “Emerald Coast”. Located in Okaloosa County, the towns legitimate slogan is, “The World’s  Luckiest Fishing Village”, and for visitors attracted in sun, surf, and athletics , that is exactly what Destin provides . More  than 3.5 million tourists pass through Destin each year, seeking the best fishing on the Gulf Coast, the finest beaches,  and the most beautiful shorelines.

Destin vacation homes are known throughout the region and the country as some of the most attractive beaches on the Gulf Coast, the  crystal clear waters off Destins coast are excellent for snorkeling or scuba diving, or simply wading out into the sea.

Destin started as a small fishing village and has grown into a most important sport fishing hotspot. Destin is home to the largest   fishing fleet in Florida, though fishing doesnt always involve a boat. The jetty or several jetties bestow access to a lot of   species of fish that exist close to the seashore . Casting a line from the beach is also well-liked . When scheduling your journey and  making reservation for vacation rentals, keep in mind the paramount period for fishing. For pier fishing, the months between  April and October are top , as this is the Pompano season.

But Pompano isnt the only fish to be caught from the pier. Live, frozen, or artificial bait will churn out whiting, channel  bass, sheepshead, blue runner, bluefish, sail cat, spanish mackerel, king mackerel, cobia, and bonito. Some of the greatest fishing in the region can be found in the Choctawhatchee Bay and the surrounding marshes. The fishing in  that area is year round and brings in speckled sea trout, sheepshead, white trout, channel bass, red fish, sail cat,  bluefish, and flounder.

For some extra family enjoyment and a delicious meal, crabbing on the seashore of the bay can bring in blue crabs most times of the  year.

For sportsmen more used to trolling, the top time of year for this is from March to November. The arrival of the Cobia in  the spring signals the inauguration of the season. Anglers from all over the region come to Destin to cast their lines at the  seasons outset. Cobia in excess of 100 pounds are often caught in this season. Trolling can also bring in king mackerel,  spanish mackerel and bonito.

The charter fleets in Destin will take you and your family out for half day, whole day, or even overnight fishing  adventures, so pack your bait and tackle.

For the golf devotee , Destin offers year round courses at reasonable rates. Destin draws on average 320 days of  sunshine per year and the climate is always moderate . There are hardly any better vacation destinations for golfers within the United  States. After a day of fishing, golfing, or just relaxing, try one of Destins various bistros . As you may expect , seafood stands out as the   local specialty, with more than 20 styles of fish available to area chefs throughout any one season. Destin boasts one of  the largest choices of seafood restaurants around the Gulf of Mexico.

Destin is a picturesque town with sun, surf, and sports activities . Its no wonder so many people are drawn to  Destin each year , looking for   the top fishing in the Gulf Coast, the finest beaches, and the most scenic shorelines.



  • casiii

    My buddy Roger and I did some off shore trolling last year. The fishing was great as it usually is. I have always had the prefect time down in Destin.

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