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Choosing the Correct Van hire or Truck Hire Can Save You Stress And Hassle.

If you are getting ready to move house then having the right van hire or truck hire to suit your needs is vital if the move is to go smoothly.You should look for a truck and van hire company that is flexible in their approach and has a variety of vehicles from which you can choose. In Dublin Ireland they are numerous van rental companies available to rent a van or truck.

It’s important to decide what size van or truck you choose before your decide to move your belongings.Just imagine how you would feel if the van wasn’t big enough to hold all of your belongings. If you van or truck is not big enough this can lead to extra expense because the movers will have to make serveral trips,and if your new house is in another town, you’ll have massive gas costs – if you have hired by the hour rather than by the day, you could be paying out a lot more money than you planned to do.

A number of people decide to  hire a van or truck and also get the help of friends to help them with the move,while this may appear to be the cheaper option you could run into numerous problems and difficulties along the way.As anyone will tell you, moving house is rated as among the top ten things for causing worry and stress. You will have a lot to do on moving day, and you may have done a lot more before that with all the wrapping and packing that is needed.

Always check that there is sufficient petrol in the truck or van to do the move. Some van hire companies lease a vehicle with a full tank and add it to the cost of the hire while others will expect you to ensure that the tank is full. If you’ve done a move yourself before and found you could handle it, then at least try and persuade a relative or friend to be on hand to help you shift the heavy items.

As soon as you know the date of your house move you should start your moving preparations. If you leave all the organization that is needed for a move until the last minute then you will have a very stressful day.Proper organization is a key aspect of a successful moving day so make sure that weeks before the day you collect boxes and papers for packing your possessions.

You should label all of your boxes with the name of the room they are to go in, and although it may seem like a lot of unnecessary work, it’s vitally important that you keep tracks of what is each box as it will save you alot of hassle once you are unpacking in your new house or apartment.The last box to go into the vehicle should be the one that contains your kettle, mugs, coffee and milk as moving in is thirsty work and you will be glad of a drink when you get there. Don’t forget to make sure that the utilities companies have not disconnected the water, gas or electricity, or you could end up using candles for the first few days and with no cooking facilities. If you are well organized and have chosen the right van rental or truck for you move then the day should go smoothly.

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