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Tips for a money-smart holiday from Jetstar

Getting the most from hard-earned money is always a smart thing. Here are some quick tips for travelling more, for less, with Jetstar.


1)      Book early: The earlier you book, the more likely you are going to find special deals and affordable airfares as well as accommodation discounts.


2)      Hunt for bargains: Jetstar’s Friday Fare Frenzy is a great time to purchase a holiday fare, with sale fares on selected routes available Friday from 11am to 6pm at


3)      Sign-up and be the first to know: The best way have an affordable holiday is to be among the first to find out about great sale fares. Subscribe to airline e-newsletters like Jetstar’s JetMail to ensure you never miss out on Jetstar’s low fares. Continue Reading

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The Top Five Exotic Travel Destinations Least Touched by Man

When one attempts to “get away from it all” one often finds that the task is a lot easier said than done. In fact the definition of “it all” probably varies from person to person. But if you mean “it all” quite literally, then of course you mean you want to vacate from civilization as fast as possible. Unfortunately mankind has left its imprint on just about every beautiful location on Earth. With that said, there linger a few opportunities to witness the world as it once was before the arrival of people. The following are five places you can still count on to provide you and yours with an authentic natural travel experience:


Located amidst a sequence of 115 archipelago islands in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is 50% natural preserve. That means half the country is off limits to the influences of human industry, commercialization, and residency. Seychelles also features 305 miles of paradise-grade beaches, providing visitors with a classic tropical experience. Continue Reading

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United States, UK and Japan are Named Top Travel Destinations in Visa Global Travel Intentions Survey 2011

The United States, United Kingdom and Japan have been voted the top global travel destinations among 11,620 respondents from 23 countries and territories around the world, according to the Visa Global Travel Intentions Survey 2011.

One in five (20 percent) respondents surveyed said they are likely to travel to the United States for leisure in the next two years. The United Kingdom followed closely behind in second place with 19 percent, followed by Japan (16 percent) and France and Italy (both 15 percent).

Other key findings from the survey include:

  • Travel Spend
    • Global average spend for the last trip taken by respondents was US$1,481, and this is expected to increase to an average of US$1,895 on their next trip.
    • Highest spenders were respondents from Australia who spent an average of US$3,636 on their last trip, followed by the Saudi Arabian (US$3129) and Egyptian (US$3072) travelers.
  • The availability of good deals (70 percent), natural scenery (69 percent), political stability and good weather (both 66 percent), and new destinations (65 percent) emerged as top factors that influence travelers’ choice of destinations.
  • On average, respondents are planning to make four international trips in the next two years, with 11 percent more respondents intending to travel in the next two years, compared with the last two years.


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What is the best beach destination in Asia?

Im traveling in the next couple of months with my fiance and I am not yet decided where to go but I really want to go to the beach.

Do you have a specific recommendation as to the best beach in Asia?

I dont care about the cost and how far the location is, I just want a really relaxing environment and a place that is not that crowded.

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Visa and Lonely Planet Make Travel Planning a Breeze for Globetrotters

Lonely Planet and Visa have joined forces to create a travel microsite packed with expert information on destinations and the best way to access money abroad. Travelers thinking about planning their trip can now access essential information through one comprehensive resource which combines Lonely Planet and Visa’s specialist knowledge.

Travelers can access the specially designed microsite at where they will find expert destination advice and information on how to access their cash in 12 destinations around the world: Australia, China, Croatia, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, the UAE and Ukraine.

The site is packed with essential travel services including an ATM locator, suggested trip itineraries and a calendar of events for each destination. Visitors to the site will also be able to ‘Ask the Expert’ questions regarding their trip and receive individual tailored responses from Lonely Planet.

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What are the best sights to visit in New York?

New York is the world’s quintessential city. It needs no introduction, and the world is well acquainted with its multitude of sights, shops and streets. But, if you haven’t yet made it across the pond, or have an insatiable desire to return, here is a quick reminder of some of the many things that are simply unmissable. What’s more, if you’re flying from Gatwick and are looking to book one of the Gatwick hotels and Gatwick airport parking with Holiday Extras, your journey is sure to get off to a flying start.

First stop is the Empire State Building, where you’ll get astonishing views of Manhattan and the surrounding islands both day and night. See for miles by visiting in daylight, and watch the bright lights of the big city twinkle when you go after the sun has set. Next is the Statue of Liberty, the ultimate symbol of the American Dream. This iconic attraction sits upon Liberty Island and is accessible by ferry. Continue Reading

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Cathay Pacific offers new Business Class Travel Kits

Cathay Pacific has unveiled its latest range of travel kits for passengers featuring an exclusive design by renowned French fashion brand agnès b. The kits will also contain, for the first time, biodegradable products.

Female passengers travelling in Business Class will receive the new travel kit in either black or light blue, with polka dot printing by agnès b.

The new Business Class travel kit for male passengers will be on board from July this year. Also designed by agnès b, the male travel kits come in either grey or dark blue with agnès b’s stylish lizard print.

The agnès b. logo is also incorporated into an array of accessories to create uniformity and uniqueness, and to enhance the total value of the kit.

The disposable toothbrush (and shoehorn for male passengers) in these kits is made mainly from corn starch and cellulose, which is biodegradable, recyclable and uses less resources in its production.

The kits are also packed with skincare products specially selected from Murad – one of the USA’s foremost authorities on skincare, and where the founder – Dr Howard Murad – has devoted his life to making healthy skin attainable for everyone. The Murad skincare products in the new travel kits have been specially selected to protect passengers’ skin from inflight moisture loss and travel stress. Continue Reading

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How to buy online tickets to korea

I’m planning to visit Korea with my Korean girlfriend next month and I want to use credit card as funding source for my ticket reservation.

Can you recommend the best site where I can buy online tickets to Busan Korea?

Please help:) Mark from Guiguinto Bulacan

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Lowest Airfare from Manila to Guangzhou China

Hi, good morning. I am looking for an airline which offers the lowest fare travel from Manila to Guangzhou China.

A round trip ticket if possible departing on March 2 in the morning and returning on MArch 4 in Manila in the morning.

Can you help me choose where to purchase a ticket ?

Thanks. Hope to hear from your response.

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Hong Kong Last minute vacation deals?

Im looking for a cheap Hongkong Last minute vacation deals?

Does anyone know of good trave blogs or sites that offer good HongKong last minute deals? preferably somewhere that is all inclusive next to a warm beach if theres a beach in Hongkong. Im from MN and sick of this cold weather so im trying to find a website that will offer last minute deals. there are 4 of us. we would prefer all-inclusive

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What is the specific date of Talaba Festival this 2011?

Can anyone tell me when is the specific date of Talaba Festival this 2011?

is this in Alaminos Pangasinan or where?

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5 nights package with airfare in the Philippines

I am Ms Charmi from India and my husband & I plan to visit philippines from 14th-19th APril 2011 for 5 nights. We would prefer spendin our stay at palawan or boracay (please suggest ideal option).

We would like to get your quotation for 5 nights package with arifare from/to Manila at any of the island. Please suggest best itinerary & rates for the same.


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How much is the roundtrip ticket from Philippines to Macau

Im traveling to Macau next year and I would like to know How much is the roundtrip ticket from Philippines to Macau

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Zoukout 2010 Singapore Schedule of Activities

Im planning to visit Singapore for the 2010 Zoukout Party in Sentosa Island.

Im from the Netherlands.

Can anyone tell me the final schedule of activities for this years Zoukout in Singapore?

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Where can i find a Victorinox luggage repair service center in singapore?

The handle of my Victorinox Luggage was broken due to wear and tear I guess.

Where can i find a Victorinox luggage repair service center in singapore?

Find Travel Answers:

  • victorinox luggage repair singapore
  • victorinox luggage singapore repair
  • victorinox singapore
  • victorinox singapore service centre
  • victorinox service centre singapore
  • victorinox luggage repair
  • victorinox luggage singapore

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Where to go in the Philippines this December?

I’m going to the Phillipines this December all by myself. I’m flying into manila in the first week of December.

I know nothing about the island and was wondering where to go and what to see.

Would getting to boracay be easy in this time or is there any beautiful beaches near Metro Manila? Im not a hardcore backpacker by the way:)

Find Travel Answers:

  • where to go in philippines in december

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How to watch ASAP Show in ABS-CBN?

Can anyone advice how can I watch ASAP variety show in ABS-CBN? How to avail the tickets in Manila and How much is the entrance fee?

Find Travel Answers:

  • asap reservations on abs cbn
  • abs cbn asap tickets
  • asap abs cbn singapore

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Condominiums that is walking distance from the Mall of Asia in Manila?

Im looking for a new condo unit one right across the street from the Mall of Asia. Can anyone recall the name of the condominiu building in Pasay?

Or is there any other condominiums within walking distance to the Mall of Asia?

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