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How To Have an Amazing Time in Ibiza

Ibiza has always been considered as one of best nightlife islands in the world, and over the years it has become very popular with students and young tourists. Consisting of more than a hundred miles of non-stop coastlines, with over 50 stunning beaches, a ton of exquisite restaurants, some of the most spectacular bars, exciting water sports facilities, and of course, amazing clubs and discotheques, this city has more than enough to offer tourists.

For those who haven’t yet been to this little town and are planning a vacation, there are many things to note in order to enjoy a much more memorable trip. The island is not only known for its hustle and bustle, but it is also a tranquil, beautiful and laid back place where people can enjoy the serene beauty of endless beaches, tiny coves, stunning landscapes and beautiful blue waters. Let’s take a look at some of Ibiza’s most memorable activities.

The Best Time to Visit Ibiza

The typical weather conditions in Ibiza throughout the year are Mediterranean. During the summer months, the climate is hot and extremely dry, and from the months of October to January it is cool and wet. The winter months are from October to April, which is when most of the island shut is down. However this is the best time to visit, in order to relax and enjoy the beauty of the island without having to face over crowded areas.

Endless Beaches and Activities

Ibiza is well known for its amazing sandy beaches, with the best of them located in tiny coves that can only be reached by boat. There are many rocky shorelines that are stunningly beautiful, consisting of palm trees, blue waters and soft sand, and for those tourists looking for a great time on the beach, be sure to visit Benirras, which is situated in the northwest.

Here you’ll find a completely different atmosphere compared to the rest of the island, with drums being played at sunset every evening. Ses Salines, which is situated in the southern part of the island, is filled with friendly locals and amazing markets, so there’s more than enough to keep you busy. The coasts are also a great place for deep sea diving, snorkeling and scuba diving as well as para sailing and surfing.

Millions of young holidaymakers flock to Ibiza every year to take advantage of the endless beaches and fantastic nightlife, however many pay way over the odds for their flights. Some airlines actually provide discounts for students looking to book flights, so if you’re thinking of visiting Ibiza this year, find student flights here and save some money!

Amazing Nightlife

The nightlife in Ibiza is considered to be some of the best in the world, offering beach parties, dance clubs, pubs and vibrant bars. One can stay lazy throughout the day, and then get dressed and ready to enjoy at night at some trendy places like Blue marlin and Tropicana Bar.

Pacha is the most popular club in Ibiza, and is also voted as one of the best clubs in the world. Privilege and Amnesia can be found in the San Rafael area, and they’re worth a look too as the music and atmosphere is said to be breathtaking! ‘We Love Sundays’ is the iconic night at Space, another of Ibiza’s famous clubs, starting at 8am and finishing at 6am on Monday. Furthermore, the Rock Bar is another must visit party destination, especially if you’re not into the usual trance and dance music in Ibiza.

Relax and Get Hippy

The north part of this amazing island is for people who are looking for a more laid back and calm vacation. Crowds of tourists move to this area to enjoy the slow pace of life and its surroundings, and there are held twice a week here too. Eivissa’s Old town is another stunning place to visit whilst holidaying in Ibiza, where you can find big gates, cobbled streets and some amazing architecture.

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How to find cheap Holiday to Magaluf

Magaluf is one of the finest and major holiday resorts located on the Spanish island of Majorca. The place is marvelous and perfect for enjoying superb holidays. Lots of people visit Magaluf for enjoying excellent holidays. The beauty of this place and the fun that people find here make it the best pace for holidays.

Magalluf Holiday
Magalluf Holiday

Many trips are organized to the resort during the holiday time. Some holidays are extremely high budgeted, whereas some are average. It is always better to make sure that the budget that you select for the holidays is well within your reach. Taking this as a good advice, many people, try to maintain a good budget and remain within that. They try to find out a low-cost and cheap holiday to Magaluf. However, many people get confused at this stage. Continue Reading

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Notable World Heritage Sites In Spain

Spain exhibits one of the most important sights in the world and it has the second largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The list goes from cave art to natural areas, gardens and historic monuments to entire plants. Where can one start to enlist of the things to see? Cathedrals, monasteries, castles, palaces. incredibly many things to see and experience!

The Alhambra in Granada, the Mezquita in Córdoba, the Aqueduct in Segovia, the Sagrada Familia by Gaudi, the Altamira Cave, the Mudejar art. Let’s list the most noted ones you can not miss.

The Alhambra in Granada is one of the most visited holidaymakers attractions in Spain. The breathtaking Alhambra Palace can be found high on the provincial capital of Granada in the south of Spain.

It was controlled for a certain period by the Arabs. When you enter the Alhambra Palace you will be stunned by the uniqueness and the extent of the tourists.

Past the entry one is greeted by his impressive open-air foyer which is a very big place, surrounded by a multitude of pillars. From here you can enter three different palaces.

Plaza de América in Sevilla is part of the artistic and urbanistic complex created in 1929 for the Ibero-American Exhibition. This plaza is bordered by three palaces of different architectural styles that were created for the Exposition of 1929. Continue Reading

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Whats the cheapest hotel or hostel in Barcelona Spain?

Help.. for those who already experienced Barcelona.

Where is the best place to stay in Barcelona, Spain?

Im looking for a Safe and Accessible place to stay (especially when we go out late at night)

Do you have an idea where we can get a cheap accomodation but pleasant enough to stay.


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