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Finding Apartments in Paris

If you are planning to visit Paris and stay longer than a month, then it is better to look for an apartment rentals in Paris France to save more money compare to staying in Hotels that can definitely break your bank.

Hotels are very expensive and there are so many advantages in renting an appartment and one of them is you will experience living independently while having your ultimate Paris vacation. While in Paris, you will not feel like a hotel guest during your stay, but instead more like a real Parisian.

Finding an apartment for rent in Paris can be a huge problem for some, if you are leaving in a months time, I suggest that you start searching online a month in advance to avoid the hassle. During your search, consider a lot of things like the proximity to the train stations, malls, market and airport so you can save more on transportation expenses.

One of the best things about visiting Paris is the wide variety of food available in the many delightful restaurants and cafes in the City. If you want to save money, you can choose to go the market and cook in your own apartment to maximize your stay.

Since apartments for rent in Paris are equipped with kitchens, there’s no reason for you not to prepare your own meal according to your acquired taste. Preparing meals at your apartment is not only fun, It also helps you save more money for your next trip:)

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Can you share any cheap flight reservation websites for Europe Destinations?

I’m traveling to Paris, London and other parts of Europe for the World Cup 2010 and will be staying in Amsterdam for couple of days.

Im currently looking for some cheap airline reservation sites where I can book cheap tickets.

If anyone knows of any good airline reservation sites that has promotions? I appreciate your advice and help.

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Traveling to and staying in Paris, France

Paris is well known as the city of light,is the most elegant city in the world, as a metopolis of culture and trade, and its the centre of education, entertainment, media, fashion, science and the arts all give its status as one of the world’s major comprehensive cities.

Visitors prefer this city for tourism and holidays. Before travelling anywhere, consider where to go and where to stay in the city. If you choose Paris to travel in the summer and know where to stay in Paris, I believe that you may prefer Paris to go at summer.

Traveling to Paris is great in the summer time for vacations. Because it’s a place of comfortable, happy, relaxed and for its warm atmosphere in summer time, best time for festivals and huge open-air events.

I believe that there’s no city equal to this one for eminent shopping, whether it’s for clothing& fashion, home furnishings, antiques or fine art. One of the great questions for every travel is where to stay.  If considering planning to travel to Paris that, consider where to stay in Paris? Continue Reading

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