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Do your think Mexico safe for tourists?

I just turned 19 years old and Im a female.

I want to visit Mexico alone but my parents are quite worried about the trip.

How to not look like a tourist there? Do you think its safe for me to vist Mexico alone?

What things should I do and what things should I avoid while my visit to mexico?

What type of clothes should I wear there?

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Visiting Holbox Island Is A Whale Of An Adventure

Whale Shark season is from mid May to mid September off the Coast of Holbox Island near Cancun Mexico. 

The largest fish in  the world, the Whale Shark reaches lengths of more than 40 feet (13 meters) with a mass in surfeit of 21 tons. 

Whale Sharks come back to the  waters throughout Holbox year after year due to the unique environment and timing of obtainable food which takes place each spring  and continues in the course of the majority of the summer.

The Whale Shark is a filter feeding fish with a primary diet of plankton and other tiny plants and animals and has  been observed on occurrence feeding on extremely diminutive schooling fish. 

The surroundings around Isla Holbox are ideal throughout the  summer months as it is uniquely located near the joining points of the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.   This joining of three oceans results in a prosperous recurrent explosion of life. Continue Reading

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Merida’s Rich History Is Worth The Trip

Merida is an ancient colonial city and the capital of the Yucatan state located to the west of Quintana Roo, rich with historical churches, architecturally unique buildings, delectable flavors, music, night life, shopping and more.  Every night, the Historic Center hosts customary folk dancers, right in front of City Hall, dancing to live music, in traditional attire.  On Sunday nights, salsa and cumbia dance liven up the streets.  Restaurants and street vendors are abundant, as is the shopping.  Staying near the Main Square is recommended.

My wife and I had the delight of staying at Casa Mexilio, in Merida, over the first weekend in August, 2009 and it was one of the most unique places we have ever stayed.  Located close to the town center, about 4 blocks from the main square, you will discover Casa Mexilio squeezed in amid residences and merchants along one of the typically urban sections of Merida.

All of the buildings in this segment of town have no spaces between them and the only manner to quickly differentiate where one ends and the next one begins is the distinction in color.  Each block is consequently full in unique colors and personal distinguishable window boxes, signs, benches, and the like. Continue Reading

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Where is the best place in the caribbean to go?

Hello Party People!!! Im planning to visit the Caribbean this summer.

I’m not really looking for a resort or hotel, but more like a private place to stay, a house for rent maybe, or something with a private pool or beach cove with unspoiled beauty and turquoise water!

Wheres the best place to go to Party?

Teresa Cule

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Finding a Tulum Beach Hotel Means Going Green!

Everywhere you turn nowadays , a celebrity or something is telling you to definitely Go Green!  A long time ago , going green meant with envy, but these days people are getting hip to the fact the environment is in turmoil and it ’s on us to help ensure it is a better place.

Now, I’m no Greenpeace Campaigner , but I do my part .  I recycle.  I turn off lights.  I even decided to buy those dreadful spiral light bulbs for lamps in my domicile .  With some people , these small life adjustments are sufficient .  For other people who want to do more, one can find surprisingly many things they could do to reduce their carbon trace in the world.

Ever think about going green on your vacation?  Recently , I visited Tulum, a tiny seaside town about ninety minutes south of Cancun.  While the jungle makes up greater than 90 % of the location , it’s not exactly the green I’m talking about.  For years, Tulum has been the host to a increasing number of eco-friendly resorts.  These Tulum hotels manage virtually completely on wind and solar power although many do possess gas or diesel driven back-up generators just in case.  Many eco resorts do use wind and solar to make the majority of their power needs. Continue Reading

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South of Playa del Carmen the Flats Fishing is World Class

Upon arriving on the Boca Paila Fishing Lodge beyond the long row of beachfront Tulum Hotels without delay at 7:30 am, we noticed the place was already jumping .  Visitors were   finishing up breakfast and the guides were getting the last of their equipment in the boats while being proficiently directed by  Chico, the general manager and the primary host of the property.  Undoubtedly this was not the opening occasion these guys had done  this, in fact Boca Paila has been around since the late 1960s.  To say these guys are pioneers of fishing in this area is  an understatement , they were the only game in town long ago and it had been a a couple of hour drive from Tulum, not 20 to 30 minutes as  it is now.

We came for the fishing and they had been equipped on behalf of us.  Subsequent to brief introductions with Chico, he informed us that our boat and  guide Alfonso had been by now waiting on the pier in favor of us.  A quick assessment of our tackle and off we went.  Chico made certain we  also had a variety of the best flies and jigs for the locale and season before we departed and handed those to our guide Alfonso  following he personally escorted us to the boat. Continue Reading

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