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Zoukout 2010 Singapore Schedule of Activities

Im planning to visit Singapore for the 2010 Zoukout Party in Sentosa Island.

Im from the Netherlands.

Can anyone tell me the final schedule of activities for this years Zoukout in Singapore?

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Where can i find a Victorinox luggage repair service center in singapore?

The handle of my Victorinox Luggage was broken due to wear and tear I guess.

Where can i find a Victorinox luggage repair service center in singapore?

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Where to go in the Philippines this December?

I’m going to the Phillipines this December all by myself. I’m flying into manila in the first week of December.

I know nothing about the island and was wondering where to go and what to see.

Would getting to boracay be easy in this time or is there any beautiful beaches near Metro Manila? Im not a hardcore backpacker by the way:)

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  • where to go this december
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  • whre to go at december philippines?

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What the requirements for a child traveler to singapore from philippines with the parent?

We will be having a family vacation and my 1 year old kid will be with us, Any travel requirements from Singapore?

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Any suggestions for cheap apartments in Singapore?

I’m planning to go on a month vacation in Singapore with my family.

I want to stay in an apartment since staying in a hotel will be costly and besides Im planning to look for work as well.

However, I just want to rent a room in an affordable apartment to save more money, maybe the rock-bottom one.

And I want the apartment to be near from orchard road or if not maybe somewhere near

Any suggestions where? please tell me :) thanks in advance :))

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Is there an iPhone application that provides street map of Singapore?

Ill be visiting Singapore from United Kingdom.

I would like to know if theres an iPhone application that provides listings of restaurants, lodging and attractions. Something like an iPhone app that can help me plan a trip and experience Singapore.

Uk has an iphone app that provides directory of accommodations, nightlife, restaurants, events, and attractions by region or interest.

I hope you can help me find one:)


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Is the Amazing Race back in Singapore?

THE 2010 Amazing Race is back in Singapore – after an eight years’ absence since the first run during the third season in 2002.

This award-winning reality television game show features 11 teams of two, each with a pre-existing relationship, in a race around the world. This season spans 64,000 km across five continents and nine countries including Chile, Germany, France, Seychelles, and Singapore.

The Singapore episode is filled with the programme’s signature high-energy challenges and high-wire stunts. It highlights the modern and contemporary facets of Singapore, juxtaposed with its cultural heritage, as well as iconic developments of its tourism landscape.

The contestants will race through a range of locations and venues including the Victoria Concert Hall, Istana Park, ASL Marine Jurong, Sentosa and the Marina Barrage, before culminating in a dramatic stunt at the Singapore Flyer.

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How long does a tourist visa expires in Singapore?

Once I arrive in Singapore, How long am I going to be allowed to stay in the island state?

How long is can i stay in singapore as a tourist? Coz i am planning do find a job there as well

I have a relative living in singapore and plan to stay with them, how long can i stay in singapore without violating their immigration policy?

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  • tourist visa how long allowed to stay in Singapore

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