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Things to do in Guangzhou China from Jetstar

As the Capital of Guangdong province, Guangzhou is the largest city in South China and one of its most prosperous. The urban and cosmopolitan image is only one facet of this Cantonese city famous for its business and foreign trade. A closer look will reveal a rich culture and history that lies beneath the infinite skyline of modern buildings and skyscrapers in this mega city of the Pearl River Delta.

Amongst the towering financial buildings and shiny high rises, Guangzhou is interspersed with museums, extensive flower parks, street markets and of course the famous Pearl River. Expect to be amazed by this modern city that still retains pockets of its character from an earlier period of China.

Low fares airline Jetstar will begin flying Singapore-Guangzhou from 22 December 2011* (subject to regulatory approval). Here are five recommendations from Jetstar on how to have a good time in Guangzhou: Continue Reading

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Lowest Airfare from Manila to Guangzhou China

Hi, good morning. I am looking for an airline which offers the lowest fare travel from Manila to Guangzhou China.

A round trip ticket if possible departing on March 2 in the morning and returning on MArch 4 in Manila in the morning.

Can you help me choose where to purchase a ticket ?

Thanks. Hope to hear from your response.

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Travel Restrictions to Beijing for Filipinos

Please advise… we are a family visiting Beijing this coming Sept 3-9,2010. We are disheartened and afraid. We don’t know if it is wise to pursue our trip because of what happened here in the country – Phil. Hostage Crisis.

We are not sure, what are the public clamor in mainland china. We already completed our booking arrangements. I think it’s a little too late for the cancellations as Odyssey Tours has a cancellation policy of 50% 7-14 days prior to schedules.

Please help… Thank you so much!!!

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Whats the best shopping place in Shanghai?

I’m going to travel to Shanghai, China next week, and Im planning to do some shopping since I heard that their clothes are really cheap most especially the replica ones.

However, I prefer to buy original branded clothes, but are they cheap as well in Shanghai?

Where do you suggest to shop for cheap original branded products in Shanghai?

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What is the cheapest way to travel to Shanghai from Tokyo Japan?

I’ll be visiting tokyo japan after my shanghai trip.

I’m looking in my usual america to international flight websites and i can’t find anything below $700.

it’s a 3 hr flight!! there has to be some website that offers something cheaper. does anyone know of where to find cheap flights while traveling within asia?

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Are there any national holiday periods to avoid when travelling to Beijing China?

I plan to visit Beijing next month but I dont want to experience being stuck or trapped like what i experienced in Bangkok.

I dont know if its a holiday in Bangkok last week because theres a lot of people near the airport.

Would you know if theres a holiday in Beijing next month?

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What other destinations in Asia are worth visiting?

I traveled last week in the Philippines for two weeks and had a blast. Philipines is such a beautiful country with wonderful people.

I then visited Hong Kong but this time I want to land somewhere in Asia. I was thinking Shanghai or Beijing or maybe even Tokyo but I guess its too expensive. Then there is Korea and a bunch of others in the area.

But the end destination is Manila so I just wanted to know some great places to visit that one place might have over the other. Thanks.

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What tourist attractions are there in Beijing?

My husband is based in Singapore now and we are planning to visit Beijing China.

Can somebody share whats the best tourist attractions that we can visit in Beijing?

Aliya Cross

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