Best Destinations in Caribbean

Im planning a trip to the Caribbean with my kids and husband. I really want to checkout Aruba, but heard that even on Palm/Eagle beach there is topless sunbathing.

Where in the Caribbean aside from Puerto Rico can we go where there is nude beach? I thought it was only Jamaica I had to be concerned about.

Thank you both, but as the first answerer said they are teens. I know they already have seen nudity on tv/movies, but I don’t think its appropriate with the whole family.



  • Julie

    St. Maarten has a nude beach called Orient Beach on the dutch side of the island. All of the other beaches are topless. We own a timeshare in St. Maarten, it’s a great place visit and the weather is always warm. It’s also close to St. Kitts, St. Bart’s (Very expensive)and Aguilla. The best snorkeling we’ve done is at Prickly Pear island, it has a forest of coral.

    Happy Travels.

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