Bath Vacations And Some Useful Info

Bath may be no more than 13 m from the city of Bristol but it is radically different in many ways. The city of Bath is vastly more relaxed than its neighbour. With its elegant crescents, many open spaces and Georgian buildings it is a highly popular place to stay for a few days.

The city has been a place of importance for a couple of thousand years. Because of the hot springs, unique in Britain, it was treated as a shrine by the Celts. It wasn’t until the appearance of the Romans that, due to their technical expertise, the springs were fully developed. Right up until today the Roman Baths are an incredibly tourist attraction.

Roman Bath
Roman Bath

Bath was just a town until the sixteenth century, In 1590 the town was granted Royal Charter by Queen Elizabeth I, having paid a visit there in 1574. In the eighteenth century the city of Bath became an immensely important spa resort where Beau Nash ruled the social scene and etiquette was primary.

It was at this time that Jane Austen, who lived in the cityfor some time, wrote Persuasion and Northanger Abbey, and where the artist Gainsborough became a famous portraitist and landscape artist. If you are interested it is possible to discover more about Jane Austen, Bath’s most famous resident, at the wonderful Jane Austen Centre.

There is a multitude of visitor attractions in Bath including, the Roman Baths (mentioned earlier), The Royal Crescent (especially No.1), Bath Abbey and The Holburne Museum of Arts. One visitor attraction you must get to see are the Assembly Rooms and this is where you will find the incredibly fascinating Museum of Costume which exhibits a collection of historical and modern dress.

Many folk choose to visit the city of Bath for a day but if you do not like rushing around it is far better to stay for a few days and wander around peacefully exploring all the city has to offer.

If you are thinking about taking a short break in the city of Bath it is important to know that although there are many guest houses and hotels in Bath finding Bath bed and breakfast can sometime be rather difficult. It is because of this that it is crucially important to book your accommodation at the earliest opportunity.

Finally I would like to wish that you have a thoroughly enjoyable vacation in the incredible city of Bath, England.



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