3 Ways to Find Your Dream Home

When you’ve decided to start the search for a dream home, you’ll have to decide where to look. While you have the picture perfect house in mind, finding it may be more difficult than snapping your fingers. While you can ask friends or keep eyes peeled for lawn signs, there may be some more effective ways to find your dream home.

3 Ways to Find Your Dream Home
3 Ways to Find Your Dream Home

Local Realtor

Finding Local Realtor
Finding Local Realtor

What better resource for finding new homes than someone who gives people their dream homes every single day? Though you may have an idea of pricing versus your wants and needs, a realtor can put a realistic lens on your home search, while showing you all your possible options. Realtor.com suggests, “Working with a professional agent, one who knows the market and knows how to get you through the horror is the only way to reach your goal — a home.” Realtors are valuable for your home search in a variety of ways.

  • Local market value: Your local realtor will know the going price for what you want. This will keep you from spending too much on what seems like the perfect home.
  • The right neighborhoods: If you’re moving to a new area, a realtor in the area will be your best friend. You don’t know the best places to raise a family are, the best schools in the area; let the realtor be your guide.
  • Real estate connections: Not only does your local realtor know where to look, but who to turn to. With many connections within the real estate business, your realtor can make sure you get the house you’re looking for, even if they don’t know it exists yet.

Internet Resources

We turn to the internet for everything, from the latest news to an obscure definition. If of course makes sense that this is your first source to start the search. Be sure to check out a variety of resources.

  • Online listings: Find a website that allows you to input your specific information so you can be sure to get the right match without a professional at your side.
  • Mobile apps: You always have your phone, and you turn to it more and more for your internet needs. Now, you can use it to find your new home. Apps, like the one offered by Homes.com, allow you to locate homes and prices based on your GPS location.
  • Email notifications: Sign up for your favorite home search website, so you can up to the minute notifications on the newest homes available.

Home Owners Association

If you currently live in a neighborhood, or are part of a homeowners association (HOA), this will be a valuable tool for your home search. Whether you need a recommendation or just can’t find that perfect house, this will be a great resource.

  • HOA website: Often times the HOA website will list homes for sale in other neighborhoods or parts of town that are a part of the same association.
  • Representatives: A representative of the home owners association may be a good reference as you start your home search.

When it’s time to start your dream home search, you want to be reaching out to all the right resources. Finding professionals in the field or reliable websites that are able to guide you in the right direction are the best first steps you can take.



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