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Save on Hotels by Planning Ahead

Wherever you decide to stay on this round, round world of ours, you can save yourself a bundle of money and still stay in places with style!

By reserving rooms online with sites such as, you can bid on rooms and get a price far below the rack rate.

Hotels that might run above £200 at the last minute could be reserved for half that. You can go to San Francisco or Singapore, Istanbul or Paris, it doesn’t matter. Plan your trip and do it for less.

If you’re flying, it’s also always best to book at least three weeks in advance. Airlines will jack up their prices in the last days before the date you want to travel because they know their planes will be filling up and there’s always some sucker who will pay top prices for their seat. Well don’t be that sucker! Buy in advance, but not too far.

Wait for deals to open up about six to three weeks before you take off. This will give you a good window of opportunity to stretch your pound the furthest. Continue Reading

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Camiguin Travel Options from Manila

I would like to leave Manila on 14th November of 2012 to Camiguin island and return 24th Nov.

please advise me of my travel options and itinery thank you sincerely Randy Harmon

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Finding Flights to South Africa

South Africa is an important tourist destination in the world. The subcontinent also has an excellent airport infrastructure across its major cities.

The three major international airports located in South Africa in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

These three major international airports connect South Africa to rest of the world.

There are flights to South Africa from most of the destinations across the world.

There are many private airliners operating flights to South African domestic regions.

Some of the major airlines offering flights to South Africa include; Continue Reading

Find Travel Answers:

  • american statue & flight visiting card
  • flights to Durban

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