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Travel Restrictions to Beijing for Filipinos

Please advise… we are a family visiting Beijing this coming Sept 3-9,2010. We are disheartened and afraid. We don’t know if it is wise to pursue our trip because of what happened here in the country – Phil. Hostage Crisis.

We are not sure, what are the public clamor in mainland china. We already completed our booking arrangements. I think it’s a little too late for the cancellations as Odyssey Tours has a cancellation policy of 50% 7-14 days prior to schedules.

Please help… Thank you so much!!!

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How much is the cheapest round trip plane ticket from New York to Japan?

How much is the most affordable round trip plane ticket from New York to Japan?

This is the cheapest ticket possible for a stay of 2 to 2 and a half weeks

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Can anyone share the cost of living in Maldives for Expats?

Can anyone tell me how much is the living expenses with family including food, housing, utility bills, kids schooling in maldives?

Hi, i need to know expenses of a family of six with three school going kids, housing, food, schooling, utility bills, traveling, etc. Thanks

Find Travel Answers:

  • Puerto Galera American Expat cost of living

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Whats the Best way to travel from Thailand to Cambodia and then Vietnam?

I´m not sure if this trip if I can do this but I believe this is possible if  i go backpacking.

Is there a tailored holidays that do the 3 in a few days or is that ridiculous.  I´m finding Cambodia to Vietnam easy enough but nothing with Thailand so can someone suggest best way and times.

Failing that would bangkok to Singapor be more realistic. if so how would i do that and roung costs. hope i find someone who knows.
Thanks for all your help.

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Im planing to travel around The Philippines next year, Please give me advice and tips about my travel itinerary?

Im half Filipino and half British and feels like I am a foreigner of my own country. I am now deciding to explore Philippines for six months (and 6 months work experience).

My route for my travel is Manila to Banaue to Baguio to hundred island in Pangasinan to tarlac city to angeles city to olongapo back to Manila.

And then from manila to palawan, palawan to Boracay to cebu to iloilo to bohol.

Can anyone give me information please and tips. Plus how much do you think i will end up spending? Thank you

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Is the Weather in Boracay good by end of august?

My family will visit Boracay by end of august together with the kids. Is the weather in boracay still at its rainy or windy season by the end of the month? I really cant rely on Pagasa and I dont want to ruin my family’s vacation specially that were bringing in the kids.

thanks a lot

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