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Rent A Car in Tacloban City

Hello can you help us with our new business. we have a rent a car in tacloban and we are needing all the marketing tools we can access to and i found your site to be handy and useful. heres the details:

Your reliable and friendly transportation service in Tacloban City

-with in-car entertainment system for non-boring & entertaining travel
-with reliable and honest driver
-affordable rates

for booking and reservations please call (053)321-0846 or (053)523-0765 or text 0917-806-7275

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Pagudpod tour packages for travel photography

hi! i want to have my thesis in pagudpod.. im having a travel photography..

im going to cover,the tourist spots,foods,hotels,how to get there,getaways,itineraries of the place..

so, i want to know how much for 3nights and 3 days in pagudpod?

i want to know the total or the budget i need.. any suggestions? please email me asap.. thanks!

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Philippines Honeymoon Package

Me and my fiancee (soon to be wife) plans to go for a honeymoon experience in Batanes on Feb 1-5, 2011.

We want to know if you have affordable packages (flight/hotel/tour) for us. We want to stay somewhere where we will feel comfortable and can spend our evenings either dinning in nice restaurants or playing about in our room at We want our days to be actioned packed but to also have time to sunbathe and relax. We want this to be the holiday of a life time.

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Hongkong land arrangement

i have tickets already via cebu pacific for hongkong departure from manila aug 11,2010 05:40 and return date aug 14,2010 08:25 would like to inquire on land arrangement package for 2 adults with disneyland and ocean park

I will be waiting for your response thnx and good day

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Cowes is the best place to stay when visiting Phillip Island Australia

You can take your pick: luxury, economy, or a combination of the two. You might feel spoiled simply because of the view you get each day from your Cowes accommodation. Being so close to the water in Cowes, no hotel or bed and breakfast will place you far from sandy beaches and marine wildlife. Native animals live or wander close, even if you do not see them.

One of your choices, The Waves, makes it easy to bring the kids along. Let your pair of progeny argue over who gets the top bunk while you prepare an easy supper in your kitchen facilities. You can even arrange ahead of time for a babysitter to watch the siblings while you watch the sunset and the parade of penguins, a regular natural phenomenon on the nearby sandy beach.

The name Comfort Resort Kaloha sets your expectations high with the name alone. That word, comfort, is realized in the solar heated spool, spa, individual temperature control and cable TV. Start with a continental breakfast, end your day with a meal at Shioni Restaurant or opt for room service and enjoy some privacy. Children might like the on-site playground or making sandcastles on the sandy beach close to your accommodation.

Check in at Genesta House Bed and Breakfast following an afternoon of motorcycle riding at the special track on Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. As your adrenaline settles back to normal, you might appreciate the saltwater spa or even a massage session by special arrangement. This one hundred year old Boutique facility offers only four rooms, giving guests the chance to remove themselves from the pace of city and tourist action including the high speed of a motorcycle ride.

Quest Oceanic really does help visitors to go on a quest, simply because they will be close enough to see out activity from their lodging. Consider trying water sports, golf, rambling through a bird or koala sanctuary. You will have the TV and DVD player, but chances are the screen will remain blank for the duration of your visit. The view from your balcony will likely win out for your attention.

Find a room for you out of the one hundred and ninety-eight waiting at All Seasons Phillips Island Eco Resort Hotel. Eco stands for economy, but the hotel provides a lot for your money. Enjoy a Jacuzzi bath in your en suite bathroom followed by lunch, dinner or cocktails on-site.
All Seasons offers economical rates, so save money for renting a kayak, water sports equipment or a bicycle. Tour land or water: the hotel locates visitors conveniently close to plenty of activities. Save even more by enjoying the Australian sunshine on a tennis court or in the outdoor heated pool right at the resort.

For boutique luxury in a historic house, book a room at Glen Isla House. This award winning accommodation surrounds itself with heritage gardens, attracting the occasional kookaburra. Sit quietly in the summer house and you might make the rare discovery of a wild koala, though you could have a long wait. No matter: hundred year old oaks and antique Norfolk pines can claim your attention among the numerous other natural features of the garden. Begin a day of exploration with a freshly cooked breakfast made to your specifications.

There are many great Phillip Island attractions available and events happening in and around Cowes making it a great place to visit year round.

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I took my Family to Cairns for a vacation


On Monday we decided to get the blood rushing by going white water rafting on the Russell river in 2 man inflatable kayaks. Even though the Russell River isn’t as high a grade as the Tully this is still a rush. Because you are in 2 man inflatable rafts there is no guide with you. They are paddling their own kayak with you.


Today we decided to have a lazy day around the resort. A few cold beers and mudcrab for lunch made it the perfect day. 


On Wednesday we finally went to the Cairns Great Barrier Reef. We went out with Great Adventures. They have a platform permanently moored at the outer reef. The snorkelling was incredible with literally hundreds of fish of all colours all around you. The coral was amazing and was so close you could almost touch it.

That night we went to the Reef Casino, a good night was had by all, however no-one won anything


On Thursday we went to Kuranda. It’s a quiet little town in the mountains behind Cairns. You can get a coach there, but we went on the Skyrail. The Skyrail took approximately forty five minutes with 2 stations on the route. Kuranda’s a nice place but a little too tacky for my liking. Every second shop is selling didgeridoo’s and the ones in between are selling Aboriginal Art. A must do is the Kuranda Village Markets, with more boomerangs for sale as well as lots of local handmade knick knacks, as well as more boomerangs. We returned by the Kuranda Scenic Railway with more beautiful scenery.


Today was another relaxing day of sorts. We took the chance to spend the day at the lagoon. For a destination with crocodiles and deadly jellyfish, this place is an excellent creation.

Friday night we went on a dinner cruise on the Cairns Inlet, the food was superb and the singer was top quality. Returning by 9.20pm, it wasn’t too late.


Saturday we visited the Great Barrier Reef again. This time we went with Ocean Quest on a diving cruise. Although we only tried snorkelling, as none of us are trained divers. The reef was even better than the first day. The lack or crowds makes it a much different trip than on the big boat trips.


On Sunday we visited Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Rainforest . This is the worlds oldest rainforest, and it’s pretty spectacular. They say it’s “where the rainforest meets the reef” and thats about it. The rainforest runs right down to the white sandy beaches.

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Visit to a Russian Sauna

Sunday, Sept 8

Note: Travel Moscow is one of many posts available from Luxury Tours Worldwide, a global travel information provider.

Moscow Travel: I flew in to Moscow from New Mexico six days ago on Aeroflot (Russian Airlines), on a Ilyshin IL-96-300, with 235 seats an airplane of Russian manufacture. I sat next to a plasma physicist returning home from a visit to the University of California at Santa Barbara.  He told me the plane has a perfect safety record.  It was a very comfortable flight with excellent food.

Today is Sunday.  It rained all last night, then stopped this morning.  The celebration of Moscow’s 849th Anniversary is continuing today, with an open air music programme in Red Square.

I didn’t get up until after midday.  It was cloudy and I failed to even realize how late it was.      My friend Vardan woke me up right after he and his mom got up.  They also slept late.  We ate breakfast, and then went to the public bathhouse, that was located across the street from Vardan’s school.

It is a spa with a cool water pool and showers.  It cost us roughly $12 for 2 hours.  We received bottles of mineral water.  According to the bottle the “Indications and Usage” (printed in English as well as Russian) of the water are “chronic gastritis, stomach and duodenum ulcer, chronic colitis.  Chronic lever sic, biliary and urinary ducts diseases, metabolism disturbances.”  Certainly these are all things that imbibing plenty of mineral water could help!

Vardan additionally bought 2 bunches of oak branches with green leaves, which were for whipping the skin while in the sauna.  The men’s and females areas are divided, as everyone is going into the sauna and swimming pool naked.

As soon as you initially enter there is a very big space for often clothes with 17 cubicles, each approximately 5X6 ft big using side benches constructed with brown leather cushions and wood legs.  There are also mirrors, hooks for garments and a bottle opener hanging on the wall, and a area rug on the floor.  Really pleasant.  Immediately outside the entry was a shop in which you can purchase refreshments, including beer, that can be consumed within the bathhouse.

When taking off clothes, you leave them hanging inside the cubicle and get a towel which is supplied by the spa.  And then go inside the shower area, which is a large area about 50 feet square with shower cubicles along one side and four rows of marble benches evenly spaced across the space from end to end.  Every seat is about 2×3 foot made of two in . solid marble supported on cast iron legs.  You receive an empty plastic-type pan about 20 in . in diameter and 6 in. deep and you fill it with hot water from taps for that purpose which are located along the length of two sides of the room.  Then you put your bunch of oak branches into the hot water. When you enter the sauna you take your oak branches along with you and employ

it to beat the body, which is supposed to stimulate the opening of the skin pores and be beneficial.

The sauna itself is a room approximately 40×100 feet.  There are a couple of levels, the lower one where one enters, and the upper level, which is six steps up and about six feet above the lower.  Many people go to the upper level.  A person on the lower level opens a furnace door that is located approximately five feet off the floor and tosses some water inside, resulting in a sudden build up in the moisture level of the sauna.  Then he takes a round fan about two feet in diameter at the end of a three foot handle and moves it up and down making the hot moisture to permeate the atmosphere of the room.  The result is to make the body feel abruptly very hot so that the skin prickles.  It also makes it hard to breath.  About this moment everyone grabs their oak leaf branches and starts beating themselves, that is each person beats his own body.  This produces a lot of noise, sort of like a strong gust in a forest of trees.  After a while of this everybody files out to get fresh air and go into the swimming pool.  The pool is cold and feels good after baking in the sauna.  The walls of the pool room have mirrors on three sides and there is a 4 ft . walkway around the pool.  The swimming pool itself is about 30 feet square.  It is made specifically for cooling off, and is not really a swimming pool.  The water is almost 4 1/2 ft deep.

There are no signs notifying the users of the polices and liabilities as you see in U.S. spas.  Evidently Russia is not plagued by liability attorneys.

On the opposite side of the shower room from the shower stalls are massage stalls.  Vardan bought us both a massage for $17 that lasted about thirty-five minutes.  A male masseur worked over all the muscles of my feet, legs, arms, lower back, back, neck, head, chest and abdomen.  It was the first such massage I had ever experienced.  It reminded me of the muscle therapy treatment I got once in L.A., which was temporarily painful for the muscles, but supposedly removes toxins from the muscles.  It was sometimes painful, sometimes relaxing, and by the end it was exhausting.

Following this we went home and had a evening meal of chicken with rice, served with tomatoes, cucumbers, hot peppers, pumpernickel bread, cheese, ham and mineral water.

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How Do You Search Mobile Phone Insurance online

Have you ever noticed how people refer to their phones? Many will refer to it as my phone, others will reference to it as a cell or cellular phone and nevertheless others will call it a mobile phone. The difference between cellular and mobile phone appears to be largely geographic, with cellular or cell phone staying the chosen name for the cell phone in the USA, but over in the United Kingdom, they are referred to simply as mobile phones .

Obviously there are exceptions to every rule, the first being the Apple iPhone and the next being the Blackberry. Virtually every iPhone owner will refer to it as the iphone, with nothing before it or after it, the other handset worth noting is the Blackberry devices, which have been around for a while now and quite a bit longer than Apples iphone.

So why is it with all the different manufacturers of handsets, with all their various products and variations around the world, that only two of them appear to be referred as by there trademark name? Clearly a good place to start would be with white rum, now just what in the world has white rum got to do with cellular phone handsets? Very simply branding by the marketing and advertising machine! Internationally, when someone asks for white rum in a café bar or restaurant, a very high percentage of the time they will not ask for a white rum, instead they will ask for a Bacardi, which is a brand name, rather than the basic product its self .

Now this is where RIM (the owner of the BlackBerry family of trademarks) has managed to internationally market its Blackberry brand name so well, that people refer to their handsets as a Blackberry, as an alternative than a cellular or mobile phone. Apple were able to do the same for the iPhone overnight and look like being on target to do the exact same with the new iPad, already it has its identity referred to as an iPad, rather than an Apple notepad computer.

The effect of this clever branding has wide reaching results on the way individuals reference their products or extension of the products on the world wide web. New iPhone lovers, seeking to protect their purchase might keyword search for iPhone insurance rather than mobile phone insurance whilst the Blackberry user seems to research for Blackberry phone insurance. Emerging stats show the same trend for iPad users, who rather than search for laptop insurance, are seeking for iPad insurance to protect their latest device from the American giant, Apple.

This clever brand name marketing works fantastically well for the corporations of the products mentioned above and numerous companies have spent hundreds of thousands on global promoting trying to clone success for one or more of their own products, as the monetary incentive to have a world wide population request a product by brand name is massive.

Unfortunately for quite a few of these companies their endeavours were in vain, costing them enormous amounts in unsuccessful advertising campaigns. But thankfully for the general population, this global item name branding does not really happen too often, product trademark branding replacement is few and far between, which is lucky for us, the consumer, or it would be an extremely confusing society we lived in today.

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Making Savings on Airport Car Parking

With regards to making cost savings on airport car parking, first thing to remember is to in no way turn up at the airport if you haven’t  pre-booked your airport parking space as you can be paying way above the odds. Airport car park charges could be awfully high to those travellers who turn up on speck, the costs could be as high as 50% more than those shown via internet.. For this reason it’s always worth bearing in mind that you are able to easily pre-book your airport parking before you set off so as to benefit from a big discount.

So the next time you embark upon your holidays there’s two major airport car parking companies for which you must be aware of, APH and BAA airport car parking.

There’s various different airport car parking firms to decide from, but choosing the most appropriate one who provide the best service at the best price can be tough. Just try a Google search and you will see for yourself. A lot of of these online parking websites simply re-sell parking space packages, so it truly is important to ensure who you might be parking with and whether or not the company is legitimate and can save you money.

If you’re a web-wise individual then you could save yourself or a friend a bit of money by means of shopping for some discount special offers on airport car parking at which features deals and discount offers for APH and BAA. Both of these operators deliver official deals that can be redeemed to save you vital spending money that may be used on your holiday as opposed to in the airport car park.

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Tourist Sightseeing in Tokyo

The Tokyo Metropolis is a melting pot of higher street Asian fashion and lifestyle. Bizarre or tasteful, Tokyoites never fail to surprise the world with innovation in fashion and design. Persons of several subcultures can been seen jogging all-around although sporting their style and expressing themselves with no anxiety of getting judged.

Upon purchasing in Tokyo, make sure to visit the pursuing spots so you possibly can snag the hottest Asian apparel.


Shibuya is coined because the shopping capital in Tokyo. From your boutiques up towards the teens walking about, Shibuya is chic personified. For women and men alike, it’s surely a area worth going to.

A number of its renowned shopping centers are the Shibuya 109 Building or Ichimarukyu Building, the primary branch of Tokyo Department Shop and also the 0101 Marui.

Aside from buying, foods establishments will also be famous for each citizens and tourists
In pop culture, Shibuya may be the setting on the 1999 anime, Gals!, in which the lifetime with the protagonist revolves all-around style along with the lifetime of the High School Tokyoite.


Harajuku holds its title for becoming the middle of intense fashion amongst young adults. It can be situated north of Shibuya, one station aside in the Yamanote line. Over a Sunday, as you receive off the train, teens accumulate close to the station sporting Cosplay fashion.

Cosplay style is putting on outfits to resemble cute anime chic, sci-fi inspired characters, punk-rock ensemble, or just obtaining wild! With this particular, they’ve been considered in Tokyo subculture as Harajuku fashion.

Aside from this, the most renowned places to store are Daiso Harajuku – 100-yen store, exactly where goods are offered at only 100 yen, Oriental Bazaar, a souvenir store to place kimonos, dolls, furniture as well as other regional products, and malls like Omotesando Hills and LaForet Harajuku.

This is Tokyo. And as they say in Japan to welcome somebody, Irrashaimasen!

Do you love to see the world? Want to see some of the best places in the world? Visit to get an idea of where to go for your next vacation. Make sure to also check out best Tokyo hotels.

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Information about the 2010 American Resort Development Association Annual Convention

The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) is a group of resort developers in America. During the course of each calendar year a special convention is held, for the members of this association to meet with each other and discuss about the latest trends in the industry. Members of the association are assisted by this meeting to understand more about the issues regarding the development resorts worldwide.

It is the only event of its kind where professionals of the resort development industry from more than 20 countries from over the world meet together along with their peers. A definite advantage is there by taking part in this meeting, since it provides a chance to meet industry experts and network with them too. The resort developing industry too has problems like that of other businesses. The problems of the members are resolved by the high profile speakers that also attend this convention.

This apart, attendees to the meeting get an exceptional opportunity to gain knowledge about new services and products directly from the suppliers. During the course of the yearly meeting, those who participate get an opportunity to meet and discuss the other leaders of the industry, all under one roof. Targeted towards the resort development industry, this show permits industry suppliers to gain important leads and to gain recognition too.

Developers and property managers also get an opportunity to learn more about the latest in services and products at the same time. The 2010 American Resort Development Annual Convention that was held at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, was a huge success, thanks to the strong attendance and an action packed agenda. One of the highlights of the show was the opening keynote which was delivered by Andy Sernovitz. ARDA is well-known for the parties and receptions given during such conventions and 2010 was no different.

The 2010 American Resort Development Annual Convention was held from the fourteenth to the eighteenth of March, 2010. If members were enthralled by the RCI/AIF Open that was held on Sunday, they were overjoyed by the Monday night ICE Breaker Party which was held at LAVO. The convention concluded with a special event held to honor the leading professionals of the industry. The entertainment for the concluding session of the convention was provided by The Rhythmics.

Enjoy your holidays with Timeshare For futher details check out the Timeshare News or visit Timeshare Developers.

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It Is Feasible For Missionaries To Acquire Insurance When Out Of The Country

Missionaries are a select group of people that really need a good travel insurance policy since they often have short term travel and long term travel needs.  In many cases, a missionary isnt in the same place for too long unless they have decided to make another country their home, but either way they need to be insured.

There are several companies out there that feature insurance policies for missionaries, and they have their policies divided into short term options and long term options along with term life insurance as well.

Most missionaries choose short term coverage since it works well for them when they are overseas.  This policy is somewhat similar to a domestic health insurance policy.  This plan will also give emergency coverage in addition to the health insurance it offers to the missionary family.  There are several travel health insurance policies available.  You may want to look into emergency travel insurance and adventure travel insurance.

It would also be ideal for them to get insurance that will cover for the cost of a trip.  The reason behind this is that usually when missionaries are traveling overseas, their trip may get cancelled if a government issue arises in the country, if there is an earthquake or inclement weather conditions, or even if an airline goes bankrupt.

Some of the insurance companies also offer life insurance to the missionaries and not just travel insurance.  This can either be used in the United States or if they travel out of the country at a reasonable price.

There is also a Long Term Missionary and Medical Insurance Plan as well that missionaries can purchase.  This is something that a missionary will want to have if they are going to be residing outside of the country for a long period, or plan to move outside of the country altogether.  If the missionary is going to be living there long term, than they can become a part of the national healthcare plan if they stay long enough.  Typically the missionaries will need to have this travel medical and health insurance for about 6 months until they are able to get their visas to that country.

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