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Find Laguna hotspring resorts

hi, i live in manila, i have guess want to go laguna hot spring resort…

which one is most luxury and high class resort in there?

please contact me let me know

Rita Yip

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US Dollar conversion in Japan

Can you use US Dollars, either currency or Travellers Cheques, directly in Japan or do you have to convert your US dollars to Yen first?

Stuart Wells

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Is it safe to visit Jakarta City in Indonesia?

Is Jakarta City Indonesia a safe place to visit in Asia?

I was contacted by a modeling agency in Jakarta and they asked if I wanted to travel to indonesia to become of their image model…Is this a safe country?


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Can you recommend a list of beach resort in Batangas?

We are planning to spend our Holy Week in Batangas with my wifes parents and sisters.

I have tried Matabungkay Beach resort in Batangas but I find it costly and its not really good anymore.

Can you recommend any resort or probably a list of nice beah resorts in Batangas?

Mark Santos

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Is there a Nude Beach in Puerto Rico?

I will be in Puerto Rico this May 2010 and I would like to visit any exclusive resort thats not against nudity.

Would you hapen to know if theres a nude beach in Puerto Rico?

Leslie Lard

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Can I travel with my Cat with British Airways?

I was browsing through the British Airways website, but I could not find anything about what the rate would be to transport a Cat from America to India.

Could someone please send me a link or some kind of information about the price for a CAT for BRITISH AIRWAYS! (I can’t change the airlines because I have already got my ticket).

Thanks in Advance :D
(My cat thanks you, too!)

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When is the best time to go to Disney World in Orlando Florida?

We will be having a family vacation in the US this year and we will be coming from the Philippines.

I would like to know when is the best time to visit Disney World in orlando?

Is there a low season? Coz I hate too much crowd and I easily get lost:(

Marlene Cruz from Sta Cruz Laguna Philippines

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What are the best places to explore in Peru?

I have a peruvian fiance but he already grew up her in the US.

We are planning to visit Peru and meet his relatives but we also want to explore some beautiful tourist attractions.

Any suggestions where to go? – Bella Tin

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What tourist attractions are there in Beijing?

My husband is based in Singapore now and we are planning to visit Beijing China.

Can somebody share whats the best tourist attractions that we can visit in Beijing?

Aliya Cross

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Where are the best holiday resorts in Male Maldives?

I am looking for a good honeymoon destination and have chosen Male Maldives can you let me know the best options / holiday resort to go and the best travel company to book it with and airline to book airfare from? –


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Is it safe to travel to Bangkok Thailand now?

I saw on the news that there are currently some demonstrations going on in Bangkok Thailand. Would this affect American tourists there? Is it really safe to visit Thailand Now?

Nigel Smith

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Can anyone tell me how to get to Anawangin Cove, Pundakit from Manila?

My friends and I are planning to visit Anawangin Cove located in Zambales this summer.. can anyone tell me how to get there? is it better to trek or to take a boat ride? directions will be very much appreciated too.. we’ll be coming from Manila… please help.. anyone….

Angie Lam

Find Travel Answers:

  • how to go to anawangin from manila
  • How to get from manila to anawagin

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